Maggie Maiers Architect

Maggie's Philosophy

very architectural project demands a full understanding of it's objectives. Early on questions need to be asked. How is the space currently used? What do the spaces lack? Can the existing space be reconfigured or is an addition needed?

During my first meeting I like to listen to my clients' comments as we walk through their home, and phrase my questions from what I've heard and seen. I assure them that they don't need to have a solution in mind. They just need to know how they want to use the space. It is my job to translate their concepts and ideas into something real, something that will last and give them joy every time they come home.

Most of my clients are working with me for the first time and are unsure how to work with an architect. I explain the design process from beginning to end at my first meeting, then follow up with a proposal letter that outlines the process in more detail. I also continue to listen, ask and answer questions. As you can see from the Projects page my design solutions enhance a home's natural character, bring in natural light and strengthen the connection to the outdoors.